About Us

About Us

Naari is a curated collection of ethically-made goods and slow fashion. Our intention is to honor makers and culture-specific craft by sharing their stories.

We’re opening our platform to our esteemed customers who, like us, are committed to sustainability, artisan partnerships, and contemporary designs made with natural materials. We will also offer fulfillment services and logistical support services geared towards independent makers and brands.

Our Story

Naari  Design Studio,  a clothing company located in Delhi NCR, in Northern India, is a place where creativity, fashion, design, Indian culture, business, social responsibility and spiritual progress get woven seamlessly together.

Clothing has power, the power to change lives. The lives of farmers, spinners, weavers, printers, tailors, designers and many more who have invisibly woven their souls into what we wear. Naari honours them all, consciously, at every stage of crafting our products. Shifting fashion to touch the soul instead of just the body, we believe life is interconnected. Beauty is beyond vanity. The process of creation is as precious to us as giving you a beautiful product. 


We honour flaws in weaving as part of honouring life, streak of shade in dye as part of natural shades. We silently celebrate the fading of natural dyes as we gracefully watch ourselves change through time. We design for mortality while honouring life, nature and inner growth. Our mission is to create conscious sustainable fashion where we are taking care of our environmental cost and not passing it on to the future. For us, design is creative, problem-solving. Any problem, be it post-tsunami trauma, farmer suicides, garbage littering, weavers losing their job, Naari looks at social issues as a space to exercise for change.

Ethical & Sustainable Clothing

The fashion industry is known for its wastage. It is common knowledge that this is the largest polluting industry in the world. Due to this, there is an increase in upcycled products in the market because people are constantly looking for sustainable alternatives. Upcycling is reusing a material without degrading its quality and composition for its next use. We create art wear with resources that are traditionally considered as waste. For us, fashion is a zero waste space.

Natural dyes are colorants that have been derived from natural sources. While most come from plants and are extracted from leaves, flowers, roots, and wood, there is also a variety that can be derived from mineral compounds and invertebrates. Before synthetic dyes were developed, natural dyes were the only source of colour and completely environmentally friendly. Natural Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. Along with indigo, we use a range of natural dyes in our clothes like sandalwood and tulsi.

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